Friday, August 26, 2011

High School Basketball: Top 10 DUNKERS of All Time!!!

Vince Carter 95'

Written by: Prospect-Central

The phrase "slam dunk" has entered popular usage in society over the years.  It's meaning: a "sure thing"- an action with a guaranteed result.  While the players and their rankings that make up this list might not be a "slam dunk" in the eyes of some readers, there should be no debate over the fact that each one of these ballers was a high flying...posterizing...athletic beast during their prep school careers.  In compiling this list of players, there was basically only one piece of criteria that was a MUST...there had to be at least some high school footage of the player available.

Since not all of the best high school dunkers had accessible footage i.e. Michael Jordan and Dominque Wilkins (yes..they could throw down in high school) there were many names that had to be left off this list.  By no means are the players that made up these rankings the only great dunkers to ever put on high school jerseys. There are a number of players that could easily have made this team i.e. Lebron James and Kobe Bryant to name a few. It was difficult to leave these future hall-of-famers of this list, as well as the other high flying hoopers that could have made the cut, but it ultimately came down to my own personal opinion as to whom I found the most exciting to watch dunk a basketball in high school. So...with all that being of right are Top 10 High School Dunkers of all time (IMO).

(1) VINCE CARTER / 6'6'' 220Daytona Beach, FL / Class of 95'
Vince Carter 95'

(2) SHAQ JOHNSON / 6'4'' 185 / Alphretta, GAClass of 12'
Shaquille Johnson 12'

(3) DEUCE BELLO / 6'4'' 185Greensboro, NC / Class of 11'
Deuce Bello 11'

(4) SHAWN KEMP / 6'10'' 230 / Elkhart, INClass of 88'
Shawn Kemp 88'

(5) RONNIE FIELDS / 6'3'' 200 / Chicago, ILClass of 96'
Ronnie Fields 96'

(6) JOSH SMITH / 6'9'' 240 / College Park, GAClass of 04'
Josh Smith 04'

(7) JAMES WHITE / 6'7'' 200Washington, DC / Class of 01'
James White 01'

(8) DeMAR DeROZAN / 6'7'' 220Compton, CA / Class of 08'
DeMar DeRozan 08'

(9) BILL WALKER / 6'6'' 220 / Huntington, WVClass of 07'
Bill Walker 07'

(10) GERALD GREEN / 6'8'' 200Houston, TX / Class of 05'
Gerald Green 05'

TOP 10 HIGH SCHOOL DUNKS of ALL-TIME (not my rankings)

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