Friday, November 25, 2011

ANDREW WIGGINS LIVE!!! Huntington Prep vs Trent Internationale

Andrew Wiggins: Class of 2014

Written by: Prospect-Central

The 6th Annual State Farms Tournament of Champions is considered the #1 Thanksgiving high school basketball event in the nation and has always featured some of the top ranked teams and players throughout the country.  This year is no different.  One of the top teams in the event this year is national powerhouse Huntington Prep.  Huntington Prep of course is led by the #1 player in the class of 2014 Andrew Wiggins.  Wiggins is considered by many to not only be a "lock" for the NBA, but a "lock" for a lottery selection as well.  While the future for Andrew Wiggins has NBA written all over it, he's not there yet.  Wiggins is only a sophomore in high school.  Basketball fans will have to wait a couple more years before they can see this Canadian sensation playing professionally.  Since you can't watch Wiggins play in the NBA yet, how about you watch him play in high school...LIVE...and judge for yourself if he deserves the hype or not.  On November 25, 2011 Andrew Wiggins and Huntington Prep (WV) will play Trent Internationale (TX) from Washington Community High School in Wasgington, IL.  One can only speculate on the type of player Andrew Wiggins will be in the future, by watching him play in the present.  Now is your opportunity to watch a future star in the making.  As the saying goes..."We are all Witness!!!"

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