Thursday, April 18, 2013

2015 NFL Mock Draft

2015: NFL Mock Draft

UPDATED: 04/30/15

(1) Jameis Winston QB / 6'4'' 230 / Florida State / So. (R)
(2) Marcus Mariota QB / 6'4'' 220 / Oregon / Jr.
(3) Dante Fowler, Jr DE/OLB / 6'3'' 260 / Florida / Jr.

(4) Amari Cooper WR / 6'1'' 210 / Alabama / Jr.
(5) Leonard Williams DE/DT / 6'5'' 300 / USC / Jr.
(6) Kevin White WR / 6'3'' 215 / West Virginia / Sr.
(7) Vic Beasley OLB / 6'3'' 245 / Clemson / Sr.
(8) Alvin Dupree DE/OLB / 6'4'' 270 / Kentucky / Sr.
(9) Brandon Scherff OT / 6'5'' 320 / Iowa / Sr.
(10) Ereck Flowers OT / 6'6'' 330 / Miami / Jr.
(11) Trae Waynes CB / 6'0'' 185 / Michigan State / Jr.
(12) Danny Shelton DT / 6'2'' 340 / Washington / Sr.
(13) DeVante Parker WR / 6'3'' 210 / Louisville / Sr.
(14) Todd Gurley RB / 6'1'' 225 / Georgia / Jr.
(15) Arik Armstead DE/DT / 6'7'' 295 / Oregon / Jr.
(16) Andrus Peat OT / 6'7'' 315 / Stanford / Jr.
(17) Melvin Gordon RB / 6'1'' 215 / Wisconsin / Jr.
(18) Cameron Erving OT / 6'5'' 315 / Florida State / Sr.
(19) Breshad Perriman WR / 6'2'' 215 / UCF / Jr.
(20) Kevin Johnson CB / 6'0'' 190 / Wake Forest / Sr.
(21) Cedric Ogbuehi OT / 6'5'' 305 / Texas A&M / Sr.
(22) Marcus Peters CB / 6'0'' 195 / Washington / Jr.
(23) D.J. Humphries OT / 6'5'' 310 / Florida / Jr.
(24) Shane Ray DE/OLB / 6'3'' 245 / Missouri / Jr.
(25) Dorial Green-Beckham WR / 6'5'' 235 / Oklahoma / Jr.
(26) Byron Jones CB / 6'1'' 200 / Uconn / Sr.
(27) Randy Gregory DE/OLB / 6'5'' 235 / Nebraska / Sr.
(28) Phillip Dorsett WR / 5'10'' 185 / Miami / Sr.
(29) Nelson Agohlor WR / 6'0'' 200 / USC / Jr.
(30) Shaq Thompson OLB / 6'0'' 23 / Washington / Jr.
(31) Malcolm Brown DT / 6'2'' 320 / Texas / Jr.
(32) Damarious Randall FS / 5'11'' 195 / Arizona State / Sr.

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  1. What about Dorial Green-Beckham from Missouri?

    1. Considering this was the 1st initial 2015 Mock, no question Dorial Green-Beckham has a chance to crack the first round. Not only that, he has a chance to be the first receiver off the board.

      Obviously coming out of high school Green-Beckham had heavy fan fair. He was basically the consensus #1 player in the Class of 2012. I watched nearly every game of Dorial his senior year, and while I hate having wide receivers as the top overall prospect, he certainly seemed worthy. After he set the all-time HS receiving yards record, he made me a believer. Wrote this the night he set the record in October of 2011.

      The fact he's 6-foot-6, 220, with sub 4.43 speed will make him a high draft pick alone, but he did have an underwhelming freshman campaign. Plus he had some off the field issues as well. Obviously the suspect QB play at Missouri contributed to his lack of success on the field, but he still had a couple nice games towards the end of the season, so that's a good sign.

      I still have high hopes for Dorial, but like all wide receivers, they need someone to throw them the ball. James Franklin is penciled in as the starter right now, so I wouldn't say the Tigers have exactly filled that void.

      Bottom line, DGB has all the potential in the world to be a very high draft pick come 2015. Will be very interesting to see if he can have a breakout sophomore season. If he does, look for his name to skyrocket up draft boards everywhere.

    2. Looks like DGB finally had his breakout game today vs. Kentucky (11/09/13). DGB had 7 receptions for 100 yards & 4 touchdowns. No Missouri Tiger has ever caught 4 TD's in a single game.

      That gives DGB 40 receptions, 579 yards, and 9 touchdowns in his sophomore year, plus there's a couple more games left in the season. Definitely more production than last year.

      Don't sleep on Maty Mauk though. There's a reason he's the all-time passing leader in high school. He's been instrumental in DGB's resurgence. If Dorial keeps putting up numbers like this, he'll obviously be one of the first wide receivers off the board come 2015.

    3. Well, I guess that's that. Due to his latest altercation, Dorial Green-Beckham has just been dismissed from Missouri (smh). This is obviously a huge setback for DGB as far as his NFL future is concerned, but hes still simply too talented of a football player to fall through the cracks. He's a Top 10 talent, but with all the excess baggage he brings to the table, his draft stock will obviously take a hit. As of right now however, I still can't see him getting past the 3rd round. Once the dust settles, PC will update its 2015 NFL Mock Draft.

  2. Can you see Shaq Thompson moving up the board?

    1. Since there's 2 years before the 2015 NFL Draft even becomes a reality, Shaq Thompson will have every opportunity in the world to work himself up the draft board. With that being said, he could do just the opposite as well. As the saying goes, "The ball is in his court."

      I will say this, PC's been high on Shaq Thompson for a minute now. Had him as a High School Pre-season All-American back in 2011, but that's when he was playing safety. I don't mind the change to OLB, but he only weighs around 225 pounds, so he's definitely going to have to bulk up if that becomes his full time position. No reason not to think he can't put on the extra muscle once it's time to enter the league though.

      Glad to see he's given up on baseball. If he was just as big-time at baseball as he is at football, that would obviously be the way to go. Longer career, more money, safer sport, etc, etc. But apparently he can't hit a fastball :( Just as well, because he's an impact player on the gridiron.

      At the moment, Thompson's probably a top 3 OLB for sophomores in college. If he stayed at SS, he'd probably be the top overall prospect at the position. Obviously he's a tremendous athlete, who's extremely versatile, and has a nose for the ball. Whether he turns pro after his junior year, or waits until his senior year to come out, Shaq Thompson should be a very high draft pick either way.

  3. Replies
    1. Blake Bell was actually in the 1st edition of PC's 2015 NFL Mock Draft. He's definitely talented, and obviously has great size, but needs to work on his decision making. Technically he's not even declared the opening day starter yet either. It's still an open competition between redshirt freshman Trevor Knight, but Bell should eventually win out. As far as the NFL is concerned, he'll obviously get drafted, but his play this year should be a telling sign if he's a first round talent or not.

    2. Well, appears Blake Bell won't even be the opening day starter for the Sooners. In somewhat of a shocker, redshirt freshman Trevor Knight actually beat him out for the job. Guess that answers your question about his draft stock.

  4. Why dont you think Shazeir would be a top 10 pick

    1. Ryan Shazier's a beast, there's no other way around it. Not only does he have the potential to crack the top 10, he could enter the 2014 NFL Draft depending on how he does this year. You should note, PC's 2015 NFL Mock Draft hasn't been updated in a month and a half, so you can expect some changes in the next edition.

      I will say this about Shazier; he's not an elite pass rusher yet, and he needs to add some bulk to his frame as well. He's definitely a playmaker, but there's still some work to do before he jumps into the top 10. Nothing wrong with being a first rounder though :)

  5. What about Jake Ryan and Desmond Morgan and even Frank Clark From Michigan? By the way Funchess will not be a sophomore but a junior..

    1. I know Funchess is a junior. The Mock Draft was last updated in January, when Funchess was still a sophomore. I can possibly see Jake Ryan cracking the 1st round, only if he can bounce back from injury. I don't think Desmond Morgan or Frank Clark are 1st rounders at the moment. To tell you the truth though, the player w/ the most pro potential for U of M hasn't even played a down yet. Once the 2017 NFL Draft rolls around, don't be surprised if you hear Jabrill Peppers name called very early. Go Blue!