Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Player Profile Class of 2020: Shemar Morrow

SHEMAR MORROW sf / 6'4'' 180 / Lorian, OH / Undeclared ***

Athleticism / Ball Skills / Versatility / Mental Makeup / Defense

Post Play Arsenal / Shot Selection / Too Much Too Soon?

Good College Player / Overseas Pro / Possible NBA

Shemar Morrow Articles
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  1. How old is this kid? Would he perform the same in the 2019 or 2018 class ?

    1. Shemar just won a 6th grade AAU National Championship last week w/ the Oakland Soldiers, and that's in the 12U age bracket. He actually hit a half court buzzer-beater to seal the deal.

      Always hard projecting players this young, but Shemar is definitely a talent. He'd hold his own with c/o 2019 for sure, but c/o 2018 might be stretching it at the moment. After all, those players are incoming HS freshmen.

      Just because Shemar Morrow is the first recruit from c/o 2020 with a player profile from Prospect-Central, doesn't by any stretch of the imagination mean he'll be at the top of his class 6-years from now.

      At the moment Morrow has the size, athleticism, ball skills, and intangibles of a really nice looking prospect, but like the majority of young hoopers his future potential will come down to how much more he can grow.

  2. Yeah...... uhhhm. The question remains...... how OLD is this MAN.I SAW THESE MEN yesterday against REAL 7TH graders and they should be ashamed.