Saturday, July 16, 2011

CODY RILEY: Remember the Name!!!

Cody Riley: Class of 2017

Written by: Prospect-Central

I have only seen Cody Riley play a few times, but it was pretty impressive to say the least.  It left a big enough impression on me that I felt the need to write an article on this talented young man.  Standing 6-foot 6 and going into the 7th grade, Cody Riley is obviously an intimidating force on the basketball court.  It’s amazing to see someone so young and so gigantic at the same time.  It's a visual oxymoron if you will.  Being such a well built 12-year-old is one thing, having the skill set that Cody possesses is something entirely different.  When watching Cody play, it's quite obvious this is not your typical 12-year-old.  Of course he's going to dominate being so much bigger than everyone else on the floor, but it's the way he moves with the ball at his size and age, that makes you think to yourself, this kid has a chance to be REALLY special.

It all started back in March, when I was surfing through YouTube looking at random basketball videos.   I came across a video entitled “6th grader dunks in game”.  Naturally I had to check it out.  What I saw during those 12 seconds was nothing less than astonishing.  Cody Riley started at the top of the key.  He dribbled behind his back and spun right to elude one defender.  He then crossed over another defender and went straight down the hole and threw down a vicious dunk on the rest of the team.  While this would have been impressive even for an NBA player, Cody Riley was only 12-years-old at the time.  Even though this was not the first time I’ve seen a 12-year-old dunk, it sure was the most impressive and left a profound effect on me.  This short clip made me want to do a little more research on this talented soon to be 7th grader.

Cody Riley is from Los Angeles, CA and attends the prestigious Sierra Canyon private school in Chatsworth, CA.  He's currently rated as the #1 player in the high school graduating class of 2017 by Prospect Central.  Cody is playing for the 13U AAU club Cali Styles this summer and should put up a dominating performance in all of the teams scheduled tournaments.  Last year at the prestigious Clash for the Cup middle school basketball tournament, Cody led the Cali Styles squad to the 12U championship as well as helped the 14U team capture gold.   He was truly a force to be reckoned with throughout that entire event and wowed everyone in attendance.  Forget the fact that his strength rivals that of a fully grown man, it was his ball handling and passing that was most impressive. The fact that Cody is 6-foot 6, but still able to handle the rock and pass like a guard, is truly a remarkable sight.  He also has a very gentle touch and accurate mid-range jumper.  Look for Cody to continue his dominance in middle school basketball for another two years before he enters the high school ranks.  After that, it's only a matter of time before college coaches come knocking.  While this may have been the first article Prospect-Central has written on Cody, something tells me it won’t be the last.  Cody Riley is a name that will be heard about for years to come!!! Cody Riley Video Playlist

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