Saturday, September 24, 2011

BEN SIMMONS: The Dunker From Down Under!!!

BEN SIMMONS: Class of 2015

Written by: Prospect-Central

If someone went up to the legendary Crocodile Dundee and tried to show him what a 15-year old basketball player should look like, he would probably say, "THAT'S not a basketball player....THIS is a basketball player"!!!  He would then go onto show that person the game of 15-year old Australian sensation Ben Simmons.  Here is just a little glimpse of the newly turned 15-year old toying around with the competition.  Believe me when I say, you ain't seen nothing yet!!!

Ben Simmons is a 6'6'' fifteen-year old from the Newcastle metropolitan area in the Australian state of New South Wales.  If he lived in the United States he would be a high school freshman and in the graduating class of 2015.  His father, Dave Simmons, was a professional basketball player for the Melbourne Tigers of  the NBL, which is a professional basketball league in Australasia.  Even though the Simmons family resides in Australia, Mr. Simmons does have some connections to the United States. This might help Ben get some exposure that he otherwise might not have been able to get.  Judging by this freshman's game however, he will eventually be getting noticed one way or another.

Over the past six months, Ben Simmons has slowly been making a name for himself.  Not only is this due to the fact his game warrants the attention, but he has also grown an absurd four inches in that time period as well.  He was once a 6'2'' guard with skills.  He's kept the skills and added the height. Simmons is now a 6'6'' athletic wing who might still be growing given his age and frame.  For any teenage basketball players in Australia that might be reading this, you better step your games up because Ben Simmons is about to play you like a didgeridoo!!!

While the competition that Simmons faces in Australia is obviously inferior to that of the United States, he seems to have the athleticism and skill set to be able to hold his own with his American counterparts.  As far as playing against his native Aussies is concerned, he seems to be handling it as easy as throwing a boomerang in the back yard.

Back in July, Simmons led his Vic Metro Basketball club to a first place finish at the 16U Australian National Championships.  This tournament featured another up and coming star in fourteen-year old 6'11'' Thon Maker.

Simmons finished the championship game with 16 points, 16 rebounds and 3 block shots on 60% shooting from the field.  He finished the entire tournament in the top ten of points, rebounds, assists, and field goal percentage as well.

While Fosters may be Australian for beer...Ben Simmons might be Australian for basketball. Since Ben just turned 15-years old and doesn't live in the United States, he's obviously on the radar of virtually NO college programs.  Once coaches and recruiters catch wind of his game however, that is sure to change.

05/31/12 There are rumors Ben Simmons may be attending Madison Prep Academy (Baton Rouge, LA) his sophomore year of high school.  He's also been invited to the prestigious Pangos All-American Camp this summer.  Apparently Ben is 6'8'' now as well. PC said he was on the verge of blowing up, just didn't know it would happen so soon!!!


  1. Apparently he's grown since your last update too. 2 additional inches. Like your blog by the way

    1. Appreciate the kind words. Indeed a lot has changed since PC first put Ben Simmons on the map almost 4-years ago. It's not often you get to publish the very 1st article on the No.1 recruit in high school & potential No.1 NBA Draft pick, but that's exactly what this is. Obviously Simmons would have blown up without this article, but before every recruiting site & blog could hop on the bandwagon, PC was just laying in the cut saying, "I told you so."