Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Class of 2018: Top 60 Eighth Graders


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UPDATED: 10/24/13

(1) Marvin Bagley, III sf/pf / 6'9'' 195 / Phoenix, AZ ***
(2) E.J. Montgomery sf/pf / 6'10'' 195 / Fort Pierce, FL ***
(3) Jordan Brown sf/pf / 6'9'' 185 / Sacramento, CA ***
(4) Ladarius Marshall sf/pf / 6'6'' 205 / Jackson, MS ***
(5) Nazreon Reid pf / 6'7'' 190 / Asbury Park, NJ ***
(6) D'Marco Baucum sf/pf / 6'5'' 180 / Landover, MD
(7) Will Dillard sg / 6'1'' 165 / Greensboro, NC
(8) Solomon Uyaelunmo pf / 6'8'' 190 / Miami, FL
(9) DeShang Weaver sf/pf / 6'6'' 180 / Cypress, TX
(10) Armoni Sexton sf / 6'5'' 175 / Paterson, NJ
(11) J'raan Brooks pf / 6'7'' 190 / San Diego, CA
(12) Nikolas Bonitto sg/sf / 6'4'' 180 / Miramir, FL
(13) Shakur Daniel sg / 6'3' 165 / Ajak, Ont., CAN
(14) Reginald Chaney pf / 6'5'' 190 / Tulsa, OK
(15) Bol Bol sf/pf / 6'5'' 170 / Kansas City, MO
(16) Greg Williams, Jr sg / 6'3'' 170 / New Orleans, LA
(17) Jordan Morris sf / 6'5'' 180 / Chicago, IL
(18) Cameron Reddish pg / 6'1'' 165 / Philadelphia, PA
(19) Gavin Schoenwald sf / 6'5'' 180 / Brentwood, TN
(20) Antwan January sf/pf / 6'7'' 185 / Los Angeles, CA
(21) Jamie Lewis pg/sg / 6'1'' 160 / Atlanta, GA
(22) Montez Mathis sg / 6'4'' 170 / Baltimore, MD
(23) Ethan Henderson pf/c / 6'6'' 195 / Little Rock, AR
(24) Danilo Djuricic sf / 6'6'' 180 / Toronto, Ont., CAN
(25) Damon Harge, Jr pg / 5'7'' 135 / Orlando. FL
(26) Marquise Brown pg/sg / 6'0'' 160 / Chicago, IL
(27) Joeseph Bush IV pf / 6'5'' 195 / Los Angeles, CA
(28) Courtney Ramey pg / 5'10'' 145 / St. Louis, MO
(29) Kevin Easley pf / 6'6'' 190 / Indianapolis, IN
(30) Connor Vanover c / 6'11'' 185 / Little Rock, AR
(31) Cassius Stanley sf/ 6'5'' 165 / Encino, CA
(32) Cameron Woodall pg/sg / 6'5'' 170 / Jackson, MS
(33) Elijah Hardy pg / 5'10'' 150 / Los Angeles, CA
(34) Michael Barber sf / 6'5'' 170 / Jackson, MS
(35) Simisola Shittu sg/sf / 6'4'' 175 / Toronto, Ont., CAN
(36) Atiba Taylor pg / 6'1'' 150 / Englewood, NJ
(37) Qon Murphy sg / 6'3'' 165 / Huntersville, NC
(38) Myles Dread sg/sf / 6'3'' 170 / Burtonsville, MD
(39) Justin Gandy sg/sf / 6'3'' 180 / Orlando, FL
(40) Jahvon Ouinerly pg / 5'11'' 150 / Englewood, NJ
(41) Justin Winston sf / 6'5'' 180 / West Orange, NJ
(42) John Newman, III sg/sf / 6'5'' 175 / Charlotte, NC
(43) Tyler Baylor pf / 6'7'' 190 / Silver Springs, MD
(44) Javonni Bickham pf/c / 6'5'' 200 / New Hope, MN
(45) Darius Garland pg / 5'7'' 135 / Merriville, IN
(46) Walter Talley pf / 6'6'' 190 / New York, NY
(47) T.J. Moss sf / 6'4'' 175 / Memphis, TN
(48) Cedric Washington sg/sf / 6'3'' 170 / Houston, TX
(49) Coulter Dotson sf / 6'5'' 175 / White Bluff, TN
(50) Amari Sherrod pf / 6'4'' 195 / Gary, IN
(51) Luther Muhammad sg / 6'1'' 170 / Irvington, NJ
(52) Spencer Freedman pg / 5'11'' 150 / Pacific Palisades, CA
(53) Chase Adams pg / 5'1'' 115 / Chicago, IL
(54) Jonathan Kabongo pg / 5'10'' 150 / Toronto, Ont., CAN
(55) E.J. Williams c / 6'9'' 280 / Middletown, OH
(56) Zion Young pg/sg / 5'9'' 150 / Dolton, IL
(57) Jose Lara sf/pf / 6'5'' 185 / Lawrence, MA
(58) Carlos Sandifer pg / 5'10'' 150 / Memphis, TN
(59) Jordan Simmons pg / 5'6'' 130 / Washington, DC
(60) Russell Barlow pf / 6'7'' 190 / Richardson, TX

                  Class of 2019Top 60 Seventh Graders!!!


  1. Myles Frierson is the new kid on the block for AAU in Dallas he should 100% on this list he could beat every kid on this list Myles plays for the AAU team Texas Express. Myles is one of the most prolific scorers in the nation watch out and remember the name Myles Frierson.

    1. Most of these kids are too small to play in high school. My name is Kwame Boakye and im a prospect for 2019. Im 5'6" 110.

    2. Look at the list again. Do you see 6"8, 6'7, and 6'6.Is that small? I know there are some kids who are 5'6,(although truth be told, they may be 5'4-5'10 right know.) Are you ranked?

    3. These kids arnt to small there class of 2018 there still growing i know 3 people on this list

    4. They are not too small and people usually hit they grow spurt in 9th and 10th grade

  2. Koby Stanton is a kid out of Louisville, KY a little undersized compared to the guys on this list but has potential to be an excellent point guard at the high school level

  3. most of these kids belong in class 2016 or 2017. compete on your own level at this age. the other kids will catch up for sure.

  4. Its a clean slate when you reach High School. The cream will rise to the top!

  5. It would be nice if they put a DOB next to the names of some of these guys. I have seen some of these guys play. The guards on this list are not really that skilled. They are older then there competition and only excel because they are bigger physically. Atiba for sure needs to work on his shot. No rotation at all. If he is playing kids his size he is ordinary. Just one example of how ranking middle school kids is crazy.

  6. Check out this 13 year old. He dunked this like a GROWN MAN! He may be the #1 player in the Class of 2018!!!

  7. I don't understand why these people complain about a kids age. Most of these people want their kid to play varsity as a freshman. They will be playing guys 4 or 5 years older.
    Also many mothers start their kids in school early because they want them to look smarter, well can't have it both ways.
    Also no one ever complains when the kid is older and isn't very good.

    1. Don't u think that its a little weird that most guys on this list are 6ft and over? the average 7th Grade height is like 5'2-5'4.Some of these kidas are 2017 and 2016, not 2018. I know a kid who is 5'5 1/2 and 105 pounds that should be on the list as a point guard. My point is I do not know why they grade by height cause some of these kids are older!

  8. So much cheating going on in AAU. Its impossible to compete as an HONEST coach! We are class of 2018 and did a decent job last year until we lost to Gulf Coast Blue Chips. I heard they recently got caught using fake bityh certificates!

  9. Sam Naimyar is the future of the class of 2017 he is one of the top players in the state of Arizona and top 100 in the country for 8 th grade watch out he is coming

    1. Sam Naimyar is one of the shooting gaurds in the country averged 30 10 and 8 in club amazing talent in my opinion will go to the NBA hopefully

  10. where six grade at

  11. Just wait until these kids who are older or early growers when they get in High School. Many of these guys are already full grown. They have i easy playing down rather then up. They have never seen adversity and their coaches and hangers on kiss their ass. The first time some High School coach gets in their face will be the test. Many fail. Cheat all you want. You are only cheating your own kid. It is sad that a player peaks at age 13.

  12. Myles Frierson has been making strides averaging 20 points a game and 5 assists a game. Myles Frierson was previously ranked number 27 in the nation this fall. Myles Frierson plays in Texas for Higher Goals Basketball Club. Myles is one of the most amazingly athletic kids in the nation hands down. Keep your eye on Myles Frierson out of Dallas, Texas.

  13. Connor Printz out of CT should be on this list. He is one of the top players in the class of 2018. He dropped 20 on WACG at the nationals and dropped 20 on NY GAUCHOS at the MIT. He should be on here. Remember his name!!

  14. Pierre crockrell Seattle rotary kills at every camp John Lucas phenom and just did the same at pangos in the 7th grade game and the 8th he is a true point guard

    1. But he had to reclassify 2 in the 8th grade. He is 16 but in the 8th grade, he should be in the 10th or 11th

  15. Missing three kids from NC. Jatrious(JJ)Smith (8th grade) combo guard can dunk, pass, shoot, score, defend and the kid is only 6'2.Plays with D-one Sports.
    Telligence Johnson- (8th grade) 6'1 amazing bounce averages around 21 points can dribble and shoot. He is a injury prone though and is currently out with
    Joey Baker- (7th) Premier bigman and he can get up also. averaged 16 at the boo williams tournament this past weekend against the top teams in the nation. looks about 6'2
    NC Panthers are a contender for another national championship with four dunkers (9th)
    from EastCoastEliteScouts

  16. Watch out for Samuel Cordova sick dribbling skills shot 94% from free throw lethal shooter defsenive great rebounder freshman 28 points 15 reb 8 assits

  17. Once Team Nebraska Express show the world what's good, 6 of the kids will be national recognize.

  18. who is Joey Baker? There are 4 good 7th grade teams in NC and we have never heard of him. If he is good he should find the best team in his area and play 7th grade. I am certain he is not best player among Team Felton, NC Rebels, CB Spiders and QCAA Red

  19. All I can say is ECE/ We R 1 (13U) out of Wilmington Deleware, has some very interesting prospects and lets see where everyone is at the end of thier Senior year in HS.

    Jamal Whittlesley
    Cris Cropper
    Darius Kinnel
    Jonathan Donnelly
    Kenny Edelin
    Noah Taylor
    Fahmir Ali

  20. daniel martin shood be on the list. i saw him play at a aau tourney. all around player. plays all positions. 6'0 but 6'1 wit shoes. coming out of houston. watch out hes coming. and miles matthew pg 5'7 greatttt player out of htown, both have talent

  21. Work hard don't complain some kids grow some don't. B happy for who u r ....

  22. Arlondus Pettis is going to be the upcoming class of 18 best player. He is so versatile and athletic. He plays on my AAU team 16U. He can score inside and outside. He can score with his right and left.

  23. What is the criteria? and who puts these lists together??? I've seen a Chicago Kid his name is Barlow Alleruzzo who is a freshman at St. Rita who is about 6-5 and wears a size 16 shoe. The kid scores from the post and can already hit the NBA 3 pointer, can put the ball on the floor nice. He will be a killer!!! I'll say he's better than the Chicago kids listed and could eventually end up as one of the top kids if not the top kid in the class of 2018.

    1. St. Rita is a quality program and I believe you when you say Barlow Alleruzzo has some game, but to say he's going to be the top player in the class, that's a little unrealistic.

      PC's c/o 2018 rankings haven't been updated in over a year, but 6'10'' Marvin Bagley, III is without question the top player in the class. Even though he's indeed considering transferring to c/o 2017, until that happens the spot is his to lose.

      As far as being one of the best players in Chicago, that could be a little more realistic. Still though, he obviously has a ways to go in that department as well.

      The 2014 Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp took place a few weeks ago, and was host to a number of Chicago players. Barlow was no where to be found. Marquise 'Kezo' Brown was there however, and he lit the camp up. He's easily considered the top player from the Chi in c/o 2018, just like PC has had him for over a year now.

      Want to wish you & Barlow the best of luck though. Keep grinding and good things should follow.

    2. I respect what your saying, but mark my words being a former college player myself this kid is the goods. In this day of kids being over hyped from Youtube with all these highlight video's this kid has flown under the radar! He will easily be anywhere from 6-8 to 6-11 and one of the best in the country. And pass these others up!

    3. Anything is possible my friend, so I definitely take your word for it. In this day & age it's much harder for serious players to fly under the radar, but when we're talking about incoming HS freshmen, there will always be new names exploding on the scene from time to time.

      I will say this though. While Barlow may indeed grow another 4-5 inches and end up becoming 6'10'' or so one day, Marvin Bagley, III is already that size w/ skills for days. He's the real deal & imo, he's probably Top 10 in the country regardless of class.

      I take it you have a relationship w/ Barlow, so use this as motivation. It seems he'll have the size for a future in this game, so make sure you keep him on the right path. Remember, even if he never becomes one of the elite players in c/o 2018 by the time he graduates HS, his game can still blossom in college, as I'm sure you're well aware. Good luck man!

  24. Why isn't my name on this list? I am one of the best Australian players in 9th grade I will be in the first round

  25. Arlondus Pettis G/F 2018-Guard/Forward with great form on jumper. Excellent at making passes to bigs. Tendency to get hot. Good hustle. Nice catch and shoot game. Great athlete explosive and quick off feet. Strength for size. If conditioning and strength size improves big things can happen.