Monday, June 16, 2014

2018 NBA Mock Draft Lottery

2018 NBA Mock Draft Lottery

UPDATED: 06/25/15
(1) DeAndre Ayton pf/c / 7'0'' 230 / Arizona / HS Jr.

(2) Michael Porter, Jr sf / 6'9'' 195 / Washington / HS Jr.

(3) Mohamed Bamba pf / 6'11'' 205 / Harlem, NY / HS Jr.

(4) Jarred Vanderbilt sf / 6'8'' 195 / Houston, TX / HS Jr.

(5) Wendell Carter, Jr c / 6'10'' 245 / Atlanta, GA / HS Jr.

(6) Troy Brown, Jr pg / 6'6'' 185 / OregonHS Jr.

(7) Terrance Ferguson sg / 6'6'' 180 / ArizonaHS Sr.

(8) Kobi Simmons pg / 6'5'' 175 / ArizonaHS Sr.

(9) Edrice Adebayo pf / 6'9'' 240 / KentuckyHS Sr.

(10) Trevon Duval pg / 6'3'' 185 / Wilmington, DE / HS Jr.

(11) Joshua Langford sg / 6'6'' 205 / MSUHS Sr.

(12) Marques Bolden c / 6'10'' 240 / Duke  / HS Sr.

(13) Luka Doncic sg / 6'6'' 195 / Slovenia / Int.

(14) Rawle Alkins sg / 6'4'' 195 / ArizonaHS Sr.

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  1. Kwe parker and seventh woods should be on here they are both good as Dennis Smith Jr

    1. I wouldn't be too worried if I were you. This was PC's first initial 2018 NBA Mock Draft Lottery, so there's roughly four years to make changes when needed :)

      I will say this though; c/o 2016 has certainly brought back the point guard position from a depth standpoint. As HS classes get older, the PG position tends to become weaker. That's definitely not the case w/ these rising juniors; (even though some might be considered combo guards). Either way, c/o 2016 is loaded w/ potential impact PG's for the next level.

      Even though Troy Brown, Jr. is c/o 2017, he still needs a mention. Not only is he easily the top PG in his class right now, but the 14-year old (turns fifteen July 28th) is probably the top PG in all of high school. He certainly has the most potential of anyone in HS at that position.

      As far as the c/o 2016 is concerned; here are just a few PG's (or combo guards), that have a legitimate shot at hearing their names called very early once they declare for the draft:

      Dennis Smith, Jr.
      Kobi Simmons
      De'Aaron Fox
      Lonzo Ball
      Seventh Woods
      Derryck Thornton, Jr.
      Kwe Parker
      Jamal Murray

      That's eight PG's in one class that have a realistic chance at being one-and-done's, or even waiting a year and possibly becoming Lottery picks. That's some serious depth.

      The bottom line though, there's really only one guarantee when it comes to the 2018 NBA Draft...barring any unforeseen circumstances...DeAndre Ayton will undoubtedly become a Top 3 draft pick one day.

    2. What a difference a year makes. If Marvin Bagley lll reclasses, the 2018 draft has a chance to become one of the best ever ! Along with Ayton , Porter Jr , W.Carter ,T. Brown , Z.Brown , Duval , Preston , Obigiu , McCoy , Petty ,Trent jr. , Richards ,Tilmon ,Wiley ,Felton , Walker , Washington , O Bannon , Wilks , Knox , T. Young , Bamba , Coleman , Vanderbilt - Wow !

    3. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but lets not put the cart before the horse. Not too much has changed. The c/o 2017 is strong, but it's not as strong as c/o 2016, and it's much too early to compare it to any other classes from a historical perspective. Of all the players you named, I'd say roughly 1/3 are good enough to be 1-n-done lottery picks right now at this moment.

      Now If Marvin Bagley, III were to reclassify that would obviously change the way the 2018 NBA Draft is viewed, but his father, Marvin Bagley, Jr., was just hired at Hillcrest Academy, which is the school MB3 just transferred to. Since there are only so many opportunities for a father to coach his son, they might want to milk it for as long as they can.

      Then again, MB3 is certainly ready to reclassify from a basketball standpoint. He was actually pondering the idea last year after the USA Basketball Junior National Team Mini-Camp.

      There's no doubt MB3 is a future superstar though. He's been projected as the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft since PC first released its Mock a few months ago, and unless he reclassifies, that's exactly where he's headed.

  2. Stephen Jefferson from rudder high should be on here at the top 5, this dude has bounce, has college range, and amazing court vision, i don't know about y'all but im definitely following the Anything is Possible Movement (A.i.P) He started he is the future og the NBA CHECK HIM OUT.

    1. I agree he averages nearly 9.2 Assists

  3. paul scuggs is better than all them guards up top

  4. jamal murray. Best PG coming up

  5. Luka Doncic from Real Madrid could be high on draft in 2018. He can already outplay peeps 2 years older than him.

  6. Luka Doncic best European youth player. He's only 16 years old Slovenian, same country like brothers Dragic and he's playing for first team Real Madrid this year!! He should be first pick!

    1. No European guard will ever be the No.1 pick in any NBA Draft. Luka Doncic is a nice player, but he's no Mario Hezonja, and even Hezonja barely squeaked into the top 5.

    2. Doncic is so much better player than Hezonja. He is more complete, can score, put the ball on floor, assist, etc

    3. "Doncic is so much better than Hezonja."

      lol...okay Jose L. Rodríguez-Mera...whatever you say boss. Pretty sure Hezonja can score, put the ball on the floor, etc, etc also. Plus he's the better athlete of the two, which is obviously quite important when it comes to NBA potential.

      Luka Doncic might be a better play maker than Hezonja, but even if you think he's the better overall player in general (which he isn't), there's still absolutely no chance of him being drafted No. 1 overall in any NBA Draft, especially in 2018 (DeAndre Ayton), which is technically his first year of eligibility. 2019 NBA Draft (Marvin Bagley, III), not looking good either.

      Don't get me wrong. Doncic's an awesome basketball player. He just dropped 15pts, 6rebs, & 4ast for Real Madrid tonight, which is obviously quite impressive for a 16-year old. He's been in PC's 2018 NBA Mock Draft Lottery since it was first published over a year ago, and he'll have a chance to carve out a nice niche for himself in the league once the opportunity presents itself.

      A once-in-a-generation-type of talent though, he is not, and that is what some European's are making him out to be. Regardless of all the hype, he's a good player none the less, and I definitely wish him nothing but the best.

  7. Man, Hezonja is a beast but Doncic played yesterday 14 minutes in the spanish supercup semifinal and scored 9 with 12 of effort...Hezonja had greats performances against real last year but Doncic is 3 years youth!

  8. Projected 2017 NBA top picks

    2018 projected NBA top picks
    M.Bagley * reclass
    S. Desouza * reclass

    1. as you will see, Luka Doncic can be theworld's best player that isn't in Nba.
      Therefore americans only make predictions for your players and also cry and shout when Knicks picked up Porzinguis, so we will se how far will doncic be on the Nba,

      Also, it's to easy to make videos in which M.Porter Jr dunks over school teams, however Doncic is already playing in the best team in the world out of NBA being 16 year old.

    2. With all due respect Ignacio, I was probably watching Porzingis hoop before you even knew the player existed, so there was definitely no crying from this Knicks fan.

      Also for future reference, you don't need to tear down American players to try and make Doncic look good. His game stands alone on its own merit. If you do want to do that however, Michael Porter, Jr is probably not the player to choose. He's not some flash in the pan. Porter, Jr. is definitely the real deal and not only is he a lock for the NBA, but given the opportunity, he could ball right now in the Euroleague just like your boy Doncic :)

      Also, high school basketball is nothing to scoff at. Where do you think every American NBA star played before they were in college and the pro's?

      The Euroleague definitely has some talented players, and what Doncic is doing is quite impressive, but lets not get it twisted. Euroleague & the NBA are two entirely different beasts. Jan Vesley was a bust of all busts in the NBA, now he's 1st team Euroleague; Quincy Miller couldn't get off the bench in the NBA, now he's 2nd team Euroleague; Anthony Randolph was an after thought in the NBA; now he's one of the best players in Euroleague. These are just a few examples showing the disparity of talent between the two leagues.

      While I personally think Luka Doncic is a very good player, (he's 17, not 16 by the way), he's not the first teenager to play in Euroleague, nor will he be the last. As you can see with the names listed below, that doesn't always equate to future success.

      1 Aleksandar Ugrinoski 15y 8m 22d 28-01-2004
      2 Can Maxim Mutaf 15y 10m 14d 23-11-2006
      3 Manuchar Markoishvili 15y 10m 23d 10-10-2002
      4 Gino Cuccarolo 16y 0m 0d 26-11-2003
      5 Ricky Rubio 16y 0m 3d 24-10-2006
      6 Uros Tripkovic 16y 0m 28d 09-10-2002
      7 Damir Markota 16y 1m 11d 06-02-2002
      8 Ioannis Karamalegkos 16y 1m 22d 11-11-2010
      9 Dzanan Musa 16y 5m 8d 15-10-2015
      10 Enes Kanter 16y 5m 11d 30-10-2008

    3. Lukita Doncic is a very, very poor player. He is slow, his shot is erratic, he isn't a leader. I think he shouldn't play NBA games, and he should stay at Real Madrid all his life.

      Manu, ;-D

  9. Trae young of Norman, OK is a good point guard yet not very talked about watch his highlights on YouTube.

    1. Funny you mention Trae Young, because I was literally just watching some film on him right before I read this comment. Crazy!

      I wouldn't exactly say Trae Young's not talked about though. While it might not mean that much,Trae was selected to Prospect-Central's Class of 2017 Freshman Watch List 3-years ago, and as far as watching videos, PC has an entire playlist of him that is constantly updated.

      Considering Trae averaged over 40 ppg in January, plus dropped a ridiculous 60-point gem (12-threes) vs. Yukon High School 3 days ago, it's pretty easy to hop on the bandwagon now. As previously mentioned though, PC has been tracking his development for quite sometime, and have been a fan of his game well before he even entered high school.

  10. How about Onuralp Bitim ? As same as Hezonja.

    1. Onuralp Bitim is a pretty decent player. He definitely had his moments w/ Huntington Prep (WV) this year; but in no way, shape, or form, should he be in the same sentence as Mario Hezonja; nor the 2018 NBA Draft for that matter.