Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2019 NBA Mock Draft Lottery

2019 NBA Mock Draft Lottery

UPDATED: 06/25/15
(1) Marvin Bagley, III pf / 6'11'' 215 / Tempe, AZ / HS So.

(2) E.J. Montgomery pf / 6'10'' 210 / Fort Pierce, FLHS So.

(3) Nazreon Reid pf / 6'10'' 230 / Asbury Park, NJHS So.

(4) Jordan Brown pf / 6'9'' 200 / Roseville, CA / HS So.

(5) Jalek Felton pg/sg / 6'4'' 180 / UNC / HS Jr.

(6) Bol Bol pf / 6'10'' 190 / Kansas City, MO / HS So.

(7) Billy Preston pf / 6'9'' 220 / KansasHS Jr.

(8) Austin Wiley pf/c / 6'10'' 240 / AuburnHS Jr.

(9) Frank Jackson pg/sg / 6'3'' 185 / Duke / HS Sr.

(10) Simi Shittu sf/pf / 6'8'' 215 / Burlington, Ont., CANHS So.

(11) Jonathan Isaac sf / 6'9'' 190 / Florida StateHS Sr.

(12) Dzanan Musa sf / 6'8'' 190 / Bosnia & HerzegovinaInt.

(13) Javonte Smart pg/sg / 6'4'' 180 / Baton Rouge, LAHS So.

(14) Nicholas Richards c / 6'11'' 230 / Kentucky / HS Jr.


  1. Hello friend, I'm from Brazil and I also have been working on the High School prospectus and consider your great blog.

    I am impressed with Jalek Felton, he has set their target and appears to be talented enough to become a Tar Heels, what information you have on it?

    1. Olá meu amigo do Brasil! Thank you for the kind words, it is much appreciated.

      Jalek Felton is indeed an elite talent and very well could be a 1-n-done, which would put him in the 2018 NBA Draft class. Either way the NBA will be in his future one way or another.

      Back in September of 2013, PC's c/o 2017 Freshmen Watch List said UNC would be the favorites in landing the combo guard;


      Sure enough in late December of 2014, Jalek Felton committed to the Tar Heels. Now with 2 more years of high school before he steps foot onto campus, it will be interesting to see if the commitment sticks, but it certainly looks like he'll be wearing Carolina Blue during college.

      Even though Jalek is one of the more talented recruits from c/o 2017, by no means is he a slam dunk lottery pick at the moment. He's played pretty well this spring & summer, but he hasn't taken that next step yet.

      His uncle Raymond Felton was a consensus top 3 recruit from c/o 2002, before being drafted 5th overall in 2005. Jalek probably won't graduate top 3 in his class, but he'll have every opportunity to become a McDonald's All-American before having what is sure to be an outstanding career at UNC.

      Obrigado mais uma vez por ter interesse no site. Desejando o melhor para Raul Neto, Lucas Nogueira, eo resto dos jogadores brasileiros talentosos que estão tentando fazê-lo na NBA. Vejo você mais tarde meu amigo.

    2. Thank you, I will continue following its projections.It is season will be covering the class of 2016 , but there are some athletes who attracted my attention for what they did in tournaments this summer as: Wendell Carter Jr., Jarred Vanderbilt and Michael PorterJr.

      About Brazilians believe Lucas Nogueira is a solid player in defense enough for immediate backup, but my great hope is that Georginho withdrew from the 2015 Draft.

    3. In case you missed it, your boy Jalek Felton just went off at 2015 Beach Ball Classic. In the consolation bracket game of the tournament, Jalek's Mullins High School (SC) squared off against Poca High School (WV) and cruised to a 83-69 victory. In the process, Jalek set the scoring record for the tournament.

      55 PTS / 20-35 FG / 9-15 3P / 6-7 FT / 3 REB / 8 AST / 3 STL

  2. Kostas Antetokounmpo could work his way into the conversation

  3. Jonathan Isaac will be a 2017 lotto pick !

    1. Thanks coach!

      Of course this 2019 Mock Draft Lottery was published over a year ago, right before Jonathan Isaac blew up, and I'm sure well before you even knew who TF he was :)

      Thanks for the awesome input tho. Keep up the nice work!

  4. Luka Doncic is well above all of them and no mention about him.

    1. Do you want to know what's even funnier?

      Luka Dončić's been in Prospect-Central's 2018 NBA Mock Draft Lottery for over two years. Now that's HILARIOUS! :)


      Also...Luka Dončić can't even hold Marvin Bagley, III's water bottle when it comes to the game of basketball, so you can pump your brakes w/ that garbage right now homie.

    2. Hahaha,are you serious??Luka Doncic is insane!He plays pro ball overseas and in one of top clubs(Real Madrid) an hes the second pg..He is only 17 and he can win games on his own already

  5. Musa will be one of the first three picks trust my words!!!