Friday, March 16, 2012

ALAOWEI TALENT: The Talented High Flying Freshman Baller!!!

ALAOWEI TALENT: Class of 2015

Written by: Prospect-Central

There really isn't a more fitting last name for the 6-foot 6 high flying freshman Alaowei Talent than Talent.  The name can easily be used as an adjective when describing this fourteen year-old's game.  Already an elite athlete, Alaowei Talent seems to be a player with an enormous amount of potential.  His overall game is slowly catching up to his athleticism and when it does...look out!!!  He plays his AAU ball for the Boca PAL Vipers out of Florida and last year he helped them to a 4th place finish at the 2011 AAU National Championships. He also played high school basketball for the Coral Spring Christian Crusaders last year as an 8th grader.  Alaowei just finished his freshman season for the Crusaders last month and put up some decent statistics in the process.  He finished the season 3rd in scoring for his team, 2nd in rebounds & 2nd in blocks.  Not too bad considering he's a freshman and the Crusaders are one of the better teams in the state of Florida.  Like all young players, he needs to continue to work on his game, but there is no question Alaowei Talent is a very talented basketball player.

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