Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TONY TROCHA: Straight from Colombia!!!

TONY TROCHA: Class of 2013

Written by: Dave Telep

Don’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret. 

Down in Texas, there’s a new Class of 2013 prospect who is generating a ripple in the vast ocean of college basketball recruiting. By the time the spring is over, that ripple may gather enough force and turn into a tidal wave of attention. 

Tony Trocha (Houston, Texas/St. Thomas) came to Texas from Colombia. He’s been in class for two weeks. During that time, the head coach from Texas A&M came to school as did assistants from Providence and Wichita State. Ohio State, George Mason and Texas have plans to see him soon. What’s going on? 

“It’s kind of leaking out,” St. Thomas coach Danny Evans said of his 17-year old 6-10, 220 pound power forward. “I haven’t told anyone. He’s kind of leaked out a little bit.” 

“I’ve coached long enough to be dangerous with my opinion,” Evans said. “This kid is a pro; I’ve never seen anything like this kid. He can play down in the low block and defends with ease. He’s got some LaMarcus Aldridge/Perry Jones to him. He shoots it, handles it and he’s highly skilled.” 

Like the state of Texas needs another big-timer in it. If the early reports are halfway accurate, Trocha could be an elite player. Academically, Trocha is in good shape and Evans said language isn’t a problem. 

From what I can gather, college coaches who have seen Trocha are in lockdown mode, not wanting to draw attention his way in the hopes of laying groundwork and beating the posse. 

Time will be the ultimate evaluator, as we’ll get to see this guy in the spring. However, until then all we can do is raise the level of awareness with him and make sure he’s on your radar. Original Article.

Tony Trocha is currently back in Colombia and more than likely will re-classify to the Class of 2012. Kentucky, Providence, Texas A & M, UCLA & Oregon seem to be the favorites to land the mystery recruitVideo is from August of 2012.

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