Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HS Basketball Class of 2017's # 1 Recruits: DeAndre Ayton or Cody Riley?


Written by: Prospect-Central

Leeeeeeets Get Reeeeeeady to Ruuuuuumble! In one corner. Standing 6-foot,10-inches. Weighing in at 200 pounds. From San Diego, California. DeAndre "The Destroyer" Ayyyyton!

Could DeAndre Ayton D up Cody Riley?
In the other corner. Standing 6-foot, 7-inches. Weighing in at 225 pounds. From Chatsworth, California. Cody "The Future" Riiiiley! Who will retain the coveted tittle of #1 player in the Class of 2017? Well, you better tune into pay-per-view to find out :)

All kidding aside, there's nothing funny about the game of these two California studs. If you ever question why 8th grade basketball players are ranked, look no further than to DeAndre Ayton & Cody Riley.

Besides their ridiculous size, they both are extremely athletic, fundamentally sound, and show the willingness to work on their craft. They might not end up at the top of their class once they graduate high school, but as of right now, I can't imagine another eighth grade basketball player better than these two.

Cody Riley has been the #1 player in the Class of 2017 for well over two-years now. With his size, athleticism, and offensive repertoire, he's been tearing up middle school basketball like no other player in his class. On top of that, the Arizona Wildcats have already offered him a scholarship.

DeAndre Ayton on the other hand, has been the #2 player in the Class of 2017 for almost just as long. While his ranking was predominately due to his size, the eighth grader's skills and athletic ability have made a remarkable improvement over the past year.

Is Cody Riley still #1 in the Class of 2017?
This past weekend at the Pangos Jr. All-American Camp, DeAndre Ayton officially made his run at the top spot in the Class of 2017. He was so impressive, recruiting pundits are already crowning him the #1 player in the class.

Even though Cody Riley wasn't at the camp, there were still some impressive prospects there none the less. Two players in particular to take a mental note of for the future, Sacramento's 6'8'' Brandon McCoy (2017) and 6'7'' Jordan Brown (2018). From all indications, they are both high-major DI prospects.

The paths of DeAndre Ayton and Cody Riley however, will undoubtedly be linked for years to come. Not only will they both be vying for the best player in their class, they also both live in Cali.

Whether it's on the AAU circuit (DeAndre plays for Team Bibby & Cody runs with CBC), or at other future high school events, these two players should have a number of epic battles before it's all said and done. The only question is, which player is deserving of that #1 spot?

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