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SOSO JAMABO: #1 Running Back Class of 2015 & Standout Hooper!!!

SOSO JAMABO: Class of 2015

Written by: Prospect-Central

When it comes to high school athletics, the most dynamic athletes are the ones who dominant more than one sport. Seemingly every graduating class has at least a couple of these athletes, and the Class of 2015 is no different.

Soso representing the Texas Titans
The two sports that usually go hand-in-hand are basketball & football. Besides the technical aspects of each sport, if you can run fast, jump high, and your big & strong, chances are you can be somewhat successful at either sport.

There's probably a little more skill involved with basketball, and that could be one of the reasons these players eventually focus exclusively on football. A persons height is obviously key in basketball as well, so when these athletes stop growing, their NBA dreams are cut short and their NFL fantasies begin.

I'm not exactly sure if Sotonye "Soso" Jamabo has his eyes set on the National Football League or not, but when you're the #1 rated running back in the Class of 2015, I'm sure that thought has to have crossed your mind. If he ever does reach the NFL gridiron one day, the fact he's also a standout hooper will slowly become a distant memory, but it certainly shouldn't be overlooked.

The first time I saw Soso Jamabo play basketball was 2 years ago at the 2011 AAU Nationals. He was clearly one of the most athletic players on the floor, and his high energy level quickly caught my eye.

Jamabo played a key role in helping the Texas Titans win an 8th grade championship, even though current Top 10 sophomore Mickey Mitchell was the headliner at the time. Ironically, Mitchell's another dual-sport athlete since he's also a decent QB, but unlike Soso his future's in basketball rather than football.

Fast forward to the present day, and Soso Jamabo has quickly become one of the best athletes in high school regardless of class. It's basically pick your poison when it comes to Jamabo. On the football field, Soso put up some solid numbers for Plano West High School (Plano, TX) this past season. He rushed for a team-leading 1,697 yards & 24 touchdowns, while catching 20 passes for 453 yards & 4 touchdowns. In case your wondering, that's almost 23 yards per catch, or in other words, better than "So So."

Jamabo was just as impressive on the basketball court, averaging 14.7 ppg, 4.2 rpg, and 2.6 apg as a sophomore. He was also playing very well on the AAU circuit last month, during the first two sessions of the Nike EYBL. He had a couple nice games for the 17U Texas Titans, but unfortunately had to have shoulder surgery on April 30th.

Soso Jamabo is the #1 running back in the Class of 2015
Jamabo damaged some ligaments in his shoulder a while back, but he's expected to make a full recovery. He'll spend the rest of the spring and summer rehabbing, but he's projected to return to action a couple of weeks before Plano West's first scrimmage in August.

At 6-foot-3, 200 pounds, Soso Jamabo might be an undersized shooting guard in basketball, but he's an over sized running back in football. With those type of physical attributes, plus the fact he's from the state of Texas, I'm sure you already know the player he's been compared to the most; Eric Dickerson.

With his long strides, breakaway speed, and shiftiness in the open field, Jamabo does his best to emulate the Hall-of Famer. He's simply too strong and explosive for would-be tacklers, plus he's looking to take it to the house on every possession. Even if you don't know much about football, it's easy to see why Jamabo's the top ratted sophomore running back in the country.

Even though Soso Jamabo's starting to make a name for himself in football, it's basketball where he first exploded onto the scene. He plays with a great sense of urgency and has a non-stop motor. He has good ball skills, rebounds well for his position, and is an excellent defender. Jamabo constantly puts pressure on defenses by pushing the ball whenever the opportunity presents itself, and he's terrific at scoring off the bounce as well.

Since he's a high energy guard, he needs to work on changing speeds with the ball in his hands, as well as adding a jump stop to his game so he can avoid being charge prone. He does have a nice jump shot, but it's still somewhat streaky at times. Bottom line, Soso Jamabo might be a better prospect in football, but he's also one heck of a basketball player, and his game should not be taken lightly.

What's most impressive about Jamabo however, the fact he excels in the classroom just as much as he does with athletics. He has a 3.55 G.P.A, and he's looking to take AP courses next year. He's a bright young man and knows there's more to life than sports.

Soso is all smiles about his future
"Football's not always going to be around," Soso said. "I want to go to a school that will have my future in store."

Jamabo might be "So So" in basketball, but he could be a future star in football. It's early, but he's probably a Top 25 recruit in the Class of 2015, and definitely a top 3 prospect in the state of Texas for his class. As of right now, he's not exactly sure if he'll play both sports in college, but he'll certainly have his choice of schools to attend when it's time to make his decision.

Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Baylor, and Nebraska have already offered scholarships in football, and Ohio State has offered in both sports. The Buckeyes might be the only school to have offered in both sports, but that should definitely change over the next 2 years. Maybe Chief Keef sums it up best; "Rari's & Rovers - These coaches Love Soso!"

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