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UNIQUE MCLEAN: Bounciest Freshman in Class of 2016???

UNIQUE MCLEAN: Class of 2016

Written by: Prospect-Central

If you ask the majority of high school basketball players what's the one thing they wish they could add to their game, I'm pretty sure "Ridiculous Hops" would be right up there at the top of the list.  Even though a players leaping ability doesn't necessarily equate to becoming a successful baller, there's no denying this game's a lot easier to play when you can jump out of the gym.

Unique Mclean: Class of 2016
If push came to shove and I had to choose one player from each class with the most hops, here are some possible candidates; Aaron Gordon (2013), Justise Winslow (2014), and Jamar Ergas (2015). Obviously this is debatable, but these three high flyers can definitely throw down with the best of them.  I would be remiss however if I didn't mention the #1 player in the country Andrew Wiggins as one of the most explosive leapers in high school as well.

Which brings us to the Class of 2016, and the question regarding which freshman basketball player has the most hops in high school?  Once again, I can't really give a concrete answer, but Brooklyn, New York's Unique Mclean would most certainly be in the mix.

Almost a year ago to the day, Prospect-Central featured Ten Tantalizing 8th Grade Baller's from the Class of 2016 and Unique Mclean was one of the players selected.  He was also an honorable mention for SG's on Prospect-Central's Pre-Season Freshmen Watch List in July. Since then, Unique's game has come along quite nicely, and while he's still mostly known for his leaping ability, the 6-foot-1 guard has shown he's more than just a highlight dunker.

Unique Mclean's currently the leading scorer for Hoosac High School (Hossick, NY) with 15.7 ppg and he's helped the Owls get off to a 6-0 start this season.  Detroit, Siena, and St. Francis have officially offered the ninth grader, and there will probably be more schools vying for his services in the future.  While he might not be the best freshman basketball player in the country, he could be the bounciest, and in that regard, Mclean is most certainly Unique.

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