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The Jordan Brand Classic is one of the premiere high school basketball events of the year and features twenty-two of the top rated seniors from across country.  The All-Star game is held annually every April and today's event from Charlotte, North Carolina will mark the 11th anniversary of the prestigious affair.

There have been many successful NBA players to play in the Jordan Brand Classic over the years.  Some notable names from past games are: Lebron James, Chris Paul, Brandon Jennings & John Wall to name a few.  There have also been a number of future NBA hopefuls to ball on the big stage as well, and judging by the past success of the event, the Jordan Brand Classic should continue to be one of the most popular high school All-Star games of the year.

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The Jordan Brand Classic features much more than just the best high school seniors from around the country.  There are some other games tied into the event as well.  There is the Jordan Brand Classic International Tour from London, England that showcases some of the elite 15 & 16 year-old baller's from across Europe. From that event the very best have earned a spot into today's 5th annual International Game (2:30 ET).  After that All-Star game there is a Regional Game (4:30 ET) made up of the top prep players from the state of North Carolina.  That will obviously be a local fan favorite as the East battles the West for bragging rights of Tobacco Road.  These games however are just a warm up for tonight's main event.

Find out who will be the next stars to emerge from the Jordan Brand Classic tonight, when the East team takes on the West live from Charlotte, North Carolina at 7:00 ET on ESPN. Hopefully these baller's will represent the jersey well and make Jordan proud!!! * Below are two slideshow's of the rosters for the 2012 Jordan Brand Classic All-Star game. The first slideshow features the East Team & the second features the West Team. Enlarge the slideshow, then click "Show Info" on the upper right hand corner of the screen for more information about the players selected for the event  After the slideshow's there is a highlight video from the 2012 Jordan Brand Classic All-Star Game.  

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