Friday, April 20, 2012

NAZEREON REID: 6-foot-5 Baller Making BIG Noise in the 6th Grade!!!

NAZEREON REID: Class of 2018

Written by: Prospect-Central

SIZE!!!  Few people have it, most people want it and when you are a 6-foot 5-inch better believe you got it!!!

Unfortunately size can only take you so far in the game of basketball.  While it obviously lays the foundation for a possible successful future, there are many other attributes that go into the development of a young baller.  Mental makeup, athleticism & skill-set are just a few important characteristics that determine how far a young player can take his basketball career.  Having said all that, it appears 6th grader Naezreon Reid is off to an excellent start.

Nazereon Reid is from Asbury Park, New Jersey and plays his AAU ball for the talented 12U King Street Kings.  While his offensive game is still a work in progress, he has shown signs of being a serious force in the future.  He has nice form on his jumper and has even shown the ability to knock down the three-ball.  He also has solid ball handling skills for a big-man and does a good job rebounding the basketball.  On the defensive side of the ball, Nazereon Reid is a human eraser as you can well imagine.

It's obviously way to early to determine how good a basketball player Nazreon Reid can become.  While people may think that discussing the future of a 12-year-old baller is absurd, the fact of the matter is Nazereon Reid is a 6-foot 5-inch 6th grader with a projected height of around 7-feet. Point being...he might have a future in why not pay attention now!!! * Below are highlight videos of Nazreon Reid playing with the 12U King Street Kings in April & July of 2012.

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