Sunday, May 13, 2012

THON MAKER: 8th Grader DOMINATES in 3rd Game of Nike EYBL!!!


Written by: Prospect-Central

There are many things eighth graders normally don't do. For starters, eighth graders normally don't play on basketball teams made up of seventeen-year-old's.  If by chance there is a young baller gifted enough to play up in competition, they certainly aren't a focal point of the game plan.  Then again, there aren't many 7-foot eighth graders named Thon Maker!!!

In his third game for the 17U Jackson Tigers, Thon Maker put on a performance, that in my opinion has to be one of the more memorable in recent AAU basketball history.  The eighth grader led the Tigers in scoring, rebounds & blocks, while helping them to a three-point victory over a decent team in Athletes First (Oklahoma). The seven-footer finished the game with 19 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists & 5 blocks and even nailed two 3-pointers.  In an event like the Nike EYBL, those are some pretty impressive numbers...and for an eighth grader...there're down right ridiculous.

Thon Maker is not the only young phenom playing for the 17U Jackson Tigers.  The #1 player in the class of 2015 Malik Newman is one of the best players on the team and in his first game for the Tigers dropped 26 points in only 14 minutes of action...WOW!!!  As far as Thon is concerned, he's averaging 16 points, 8 rebounds & 3 blocks in his first three games of the third session of the Nike EYBL.  He's also shooting 50% from behind the arch.  With his length, mobility, ball handling and range on his jumper, Thon Maker reminds me of a combination of Manute Bol, Kevin GarnettKevin Durant...if that's even possible.

When Prospect-Central first featured Thon Maker back in July of 2011, he was virtually an unknown player.  It wasn't until an article from Yahoo Sports five months later when his name really started to blow up.  Even after Yahoo Sports featured Thon however, there were those that still wondered if he was just a tall kid playing against inferior competition.  It appears now that Thon Maker is indeed the real deal...and over the next four years...should have a number of high school baller's meeting their Maker!!! * Below are stats from the 2012 Nike EYBL of Thon Maker and the 17U Jackson Tigers followed by a recap video of the 3rd session of the Nike EYBL and 3 videos of Thon.
3rd Session 2012 Nike EYBL Statistics: Jackson Tigers vs Southern Stampede / Jackson Tigers Vs. Baltimore Elite / Jackson Tigers vs. Athletes First / Jackson Tigers vs. Indy Spiece / Jackson Tigers vs. Team Takeover

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